Guidelines for Sharing

And here are some suggestions for those of you who like to share pixels!

* Please do not post any pixels that are someone's 'originals'.
* If posting more than 10 (medium sized) pixels please use an LJ cut. Also please mention that it may not be dial-up friendly.
* If a post has been tagged then that means I've already saved the pixels if you would like to take them down from your host
* I prefer when pixels have 'scrambled' filenames, so if you go through the hassle of naming every pixel just to post here then dont bother :P
* We LOVE pixel posts here, but if you plan on posting more than about 200 pixels please put them in multiple posts.

I think thats also it for now. If you have any suggestions feel free to add.

Thanks again everyone for making this community become so popular and active! :D

Guidelines for Requesting

I thought I might make a little post with some suggestions or guidelines to people who may be new to "requesting" or posting here. (Isn't 'guidelines' a much more friendlier word than "Rules"? hahaha)

* Please check the photobucket before requesting. They can be found on the main layout.
* Please check recent posts, chances are something you're looking for has been requested already.
* Please make your post understandable (IE no netspeak, or reduce it a LOT)
* When someone replies please acknowledge that you've saved whatever they have shared. That way they may take them off their host.
* Please do not hotlink anything from anyone anywhere. Everyone here is nice enough to take their time to find what you want, the least you could do is use your own host :) [photobucket.com is popular here]

I think this is pretty much it. If I think of anything else I'll add it in. And this will be linked on the main layout page :D

Thanks everyone!

Alright, no more.

Each and every one of you listen to me right now.

I personally think I do a damn well job of keeping my communities friendly and drama free.

Lately, this hasn't been the case in here. I do not care who you are, who was a bitch first, who stole what, or ANYTHING.

Anyone who *I* feel is being out of line, or a bitch to my friends is out. I wont warn you, and I wont explain why, especially in my journal >_>. People dont get accidentally banned..so if you're banned it's for a reason.

Believe it or not, I'm NOT a bitch, I don't take this role well and I don't like having to yell at people, but seeing people having problems with other people in my community makes ME look bad. So it just can't happen.

To those of you who just enjoy the community and are members, lurkers, posters or whatever, thank you very much for making the community so active and helping people. I really do appreciate it.

But those of you who have a stick up your ass, knock it the hell off. I'm never home anymore so I don't need to be wasting the little computer time I have making stupid posts like these instead of making nice little blinkies for you guys to hoard. Seriously, if something pisses you off enough to make you get nasty or snappy with another person then get the hell out of the house for a day!

Sorry to be so straight forward, but it needed to be said.

Again, thank you to the 97% of you who are perfectly fine.

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I made this photobucket don't direct link. Save it to your own server. I will be fixing it later this weekend and I am going to get rid of the ones I don't like. The photobuck name is justabrokensmile and the password is speedy. Don't go direct linking at all or else I won't let anyone use it. I'm sorry that it's not done yet. Soon I will have the pixels sorted into catagories.
Curly Sue.


Hello Kitty (must have been asked a million times by now - but the last post I noticed that had requests for them all the pictures had been deleted).